Things In The Sea You Don’t Want To Catch

Humans have been fishing for a very long time, some of our oldest writings suggest that our ancestors were using the ocean as a source of food since the beginning. This means that there are many stories, true and untrue, about bizarre things reeled in and caught up in the nets of men out at sea. Today thanks to the online net bulging with information (and photographic evidence) some of these stories can be checked for validity far easier. It also means that the tales that may once have only made it as far as the local fishing village are now far more widespread. Take a look for yourself at some of the things the ocean has coughed up that you probably don’t want to find yourself.

Supersize Fish

We’ve all heard a tale or two a bout a guy who claims he went toe-to-toe with the biggest catfish he has ever laid eyes on, just as many a weathered sea fairer has their own version of Moby Dick, a monster of the waves they intend to one day best. These days if there aren’t photos or indeed video footage to back up these magical tales then listeners are likely to chalk up these fables as nothing but fiction, but several have actually been photographed. In southern Alaska fisherman in the area are known to stumble across oversized versions of popular fish breeds, in 2016 a giant halibut weighing nearly 400 pounds and stretching five metres in length was brought aboard by a pair of fishermen. Last year in the Philippines just as throughout the last decade another giant squid was caught, similar to the one spotted by Russian fisherman several years ago. As fisherman continue their task the depleting food sources in the sea appear to be luring out even bigger fish each year.

Human Remains

A classic fishing horror tale. You cast your line, feel a bit and reel in your catch only to find not a live fish dangling from your hook but a dead body. This shocking tale has become a reality on several occasions such as the the famous story of Barry Hunter who found a skull in his net, as it turns out the skull belonged to and old friend of his who went missing several years previously. In December 2016 Massachusetts fishermen found a whole body in their nets when they pulled them in to see their catch. Even more strange was when Australian fisherman caught a shark quickly eaten by another shark while still being reeled in. The bigger shark turned out to be hiding more surprises as it eventually coughed up a human arm.

Crypto Fauna
Crypto Fauna

Crypto Fauna

These are the tales that really give people the creeps and are scrutinised by millions of eyes on YouTube. Confounded fisherman all over the globe have discovered things they never would have expected, in Korea a fish with a human face was captured on camera, whereas in Mexico a real life cyclops was found in the form of a shark which also happened to be an albino. The more disturbing creatures brought back to shore seem to be from deep sea levels where sea life tends to get even stranger, several ‘alien fish’ have turned up alarming their captors with forms so strange they are yet to be identified.