Fishing primarily consists of two things; sitting around relaxed on a body of water while you wait for fish to take your bait and parading your catch like a trophy once you’ve finally reeled one in. The latter half is the part that most people see and so expert anglers are keen to catch something that they can brag about. Usually the size and weight is what matters, these are the parameters that mark an easy catch from a monster and of course this is how contests are won. However there is something else that can give make all the others turn their heads, if you snag a fish that is notoriously difficult to bag, you will also be a local hero. Here are some of the fish that are known for being troublesome, if you manage to reel one of these in make sure to tell everyone you know.

Bluefin Tuna

Usually caught on mass, which is why they make up a decent part of the sushi market, these fellows are known for giving their captors a run for their money. Grabbing your bait and then descending back into the depths of the ocean is a popular trick of theirs, leaving you little time to react before its too late. If you manage to pull one of these things back up from the abyss you will probably need to get a good massage afterwards, as back pain is a common side effect of catching these guys.


These long silver beasts will also give you a run for your money, and not just because they are bulky things. These fish are known for their acrobatics, which is bad news for anyone expecting a steady reel inward once this is on the hook. Leaping from the water to great heights and twisting and turning all the while, the Tarpon may make you regret casting your line in the first place.

Giant Trevally

One look at one of these and you know you are going to need some painkillers afterwards. The sheer bulk of this things head is alone something that a weaker anger will struggle to lift. Not only are they big and weighty, but these guys put up a fight. Prepare for a long and exhausting back and forth with one of these on your hook. They are known to pull far away from the boat and also get up close and personal meaning you need to keep on your toes.


Looking like a less saturated version of a Blue Marlin, the sailfish is a lengthy and troublesome creature for those fishing in the ocean. Not only will this thing try to dive as fast as possible to break your line but it can also break out of the water and jump high above the waves giving you resistance in every way possible. Its streamline shape and muscular body allow this almost eel-like fish to reach top speeds of 68 miles per hour, just shy of a car going full speed on a motorway. With its spiny dorsal fin and its sharp rapier beak, if you ever get this thing on your boat, your worries still aren’t over once the thrashing begins.