Cabo san Lucas is very popular for fishing because of the confluence of the Sea of Cortez and Pacific Ocean. The waters off Cabo san Lucas are known for the diversity of species as well as size, with some large size fish being caught on a fairly regular basis. If you are a beginning fisherman then you can book a fishing charter. Many of the fishing charters will accommodate your needs and help you learn how to fish if that is what is needed. There are a number of these companies operating out of Cabo san Lucas that you can contact to find out what they offer. The fishing charters will also know the best spots for fishing and they will know where you can target specific types of fish. Charters can vary from pangas to large deep sea fishing boats. There is sure to be a charter that fits your needs.

If you are on a family trip and you want to introduce your children to fishing then it is a good idea to fish off the reef or the bottom or among rock outcrops. There may not be big sized fish but it is ideal for children since they will be able to reel in smaller fish themselves.Cabo san Lucas has strict fishing regulations that you have to obey. This is important and a good thing as it ensures that the area is not overfished and that species are able to continue to breed and repopulate the area. If you are fishing on your own you need to be aware of these regulations such as how many fish you can catch, what type of fish and in what season since the rules may change depending on the time of year.

If you are on a charter the Captain of the boat will know these rules and regulations so you will not need to be concerned with them. If you are on a charter boat you need to make sure that you are covered by a Mexican Sport fishing License, if not you will have to buy your own. Some of the charter companies include it in the cost of the trip. This only applies to fishing from a boat out at sea so you do not need to concern yourself with getting a license if you decide to fish from the shore.

The waters are well known for big game fishing, and they are particularly famous for Marlin fishing. If you are a beginner in big game fishing then you are sure to learn a lot by taking a charter with a big game fishing boat. If you are interested in Billfishing the charter will likely take you out to the well-known Finger Bank, which is a very good spot for finding and catching these fish.No matter what your experience level with a bit of planning and research you can find the best option for you when it comes to fishing off the seas of Cabo san Lucas.

Fishing off the seas of Cabo san Lucas.