Though you way want to fish every day, unless you live a life of complete luxury it just isn’t plausible. Thanks to the world of video games however we can live out our fantasies one click at a time thanks to the escapism granted by our virtual worlds. Despite sports games being on the top of the most played titles, fishing rarely makes the list, probably because real fishing isn’t all excitement and thrills, it is relaxation. Games rarely capture this element of the sport, but they are great at making the reeling aspect more intense. Here are some great games that include great fishing moments.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Though this isn’t exactly a fishing game per se, exploring and gathering materials is a big part of the Animal Crossing series. Fishing here can be very fun and exciting, with fish appearing as shadows underneath the water you have no idea what you are going to reel in. Sometimes you might end up dragging in an old tire that has been disposed in the river, other times you could end up pulling a giant Isopod aboard your boat. Here you can sell your best catches for high prices or choose to decorate your house with wall to wall fish tanks that show your angling prowess.

Sega Bass Fishing

With those retro arcade sounds and some new hilarious soundbytes, this fishing game on the Dreamcast took the sport to a new audience.  With mad guitar solos to amp up the action and constant cash phrases including “Fish!” as if you weren’t already doing that. The main thing that brings this title to the forefront is that it even came with a fish controller. This clever variation moved the buttons around and also had motion detection and an actual reeling system for when you had a big one on the line.

Bass Pro Shops: The Strike

We have come a long way since the Dreamcast and Nintendo have been leading the way in motion controllers since the Wii hit stores in 2006. Thanks to its remote-like controllers and nunchuck extensions this console was sure to be a great fit for fishing games. Once Bass Pro Shops made its way to consumers it cemented this idea. This game looks far better than the titles we have seen before, allowing you to take your boat out into vast open waters. Meanwhile the fishing looked equally as good as the underwater cams captured everything below the surface and the intensity of reeling them in was heart pounding. This title has since been re-released on the Nintendo Switch, which has even better motion feedback and vibration allowing you to feel every twitch on the line.

Wii Fishing Resort

As if this modern, graphically up to date game wasn’t good enough, Wii Fishing Resort is a more jovial option for Wii gamers. This family friendly title puts you in the role of someone on holiday who spends most of their time fishing. With over 200 species to catch and other fun things to do here, this is a great one to get kids into the sport, as it makes the leisure aspect and the casting and reeling all entertaining.