Cabo San Lucas is one of the most renowned summer destinations in the world. It offers amazing water and landscapes. Whale watching is one of the most popular activities here and besides this there are many other water activities. One of the most popular things to do here is yachting. Many people choose to dock here in Cabo for a long period of time thanks to the calm water and amazing facilities. Cabo is known for having many boats that are used for tourism or for local activities. If you intend to sail to Cabo San Lucas, you will need to have a place to dock. Choosing the best marina can be quite tricky sometimes. We have selected some of the best marinas here in order to make your time here even better.

Marina Cabo San Lucas is one of the largest marinas in the area. It offers amazing facilities for the yachts and boats and has many docking spots. It is also one of the main attractions in this area. Just near this place is the city center that is easily accessed by foot. If you want a place to dock your yacht and be sure to get the best treatment, this marina is the perfect place. The administrators speak English and Spanish, so you will be able to easily get along with each other. You can also choose to spend time on the yacht and even sleep there because the water is very calm. You will have quiet evenings to relax and watch the water splash on the shore.

IGY Company also has a good marina here in Cabo San Lucas. The company has dock all around the globe and they are proud of the quality of the service. You will find large docking spots suitable for large yachts and big boats. You don’t need to worry about the maneuver of the boat. The marina is very well designed, and you will have plenty of space. The marina is just minutes of walking from the city center and you have every facility you might need in the close proximity. The water is very calm, and you can spend your evening in board and even sleep on the yacht. The marina is in an area that is protected from the waves so even during a storm your yacht will be safe.

Port Cabo San Lucas is suitable for the really big boats. If you are the proud owner of one of them, you may take into consideration this option. The port is usually used by large cruise ships but given the size of your yacht or boat you may need to dock it here. No worries, the port is guarded all times and you will be very close to shops and the city center. During the evening it is very quiet but sometimes in the morning it can be a bit loud because ships come and go from the port. All in all, it is a safe place to dock.