Cabo San Lucas is renowned officially as the “Marlin capital of the world”. This place is just the right choice for any traveling angler that is looking for quantity and good quality. You are sure of a fishing experience which you can’t find in any other part of the world. You will find different special charter boat options in Cabo, you will see it is the deep-sea behemoths you fancy or the super pangas which span up to 20 ft.

The place is also renowned for different colourful varieties of boats that offers excellent professional services and pride themselves on the number of tourists that troop into Cabo yearly for a boat ride. Fishing in Cabo San Lucas has long gained international recognition and you wouldn’t find any other place that is known for fishing like Cabo. The town is located at the meeting point of the sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean and is positioned at the southernmost tip of the Baja California Sur.

Deep waters are just a couple of miles away from the shore with plenty seamounts and banks accessible in just one-day trip. The waters are warm and cosy all year round and harbour big game fishes that will blow your mind. If you are looking to have a great fishing experience in Cabo, here is one fish boat you will love to charter.

Solmar Vi Sportfishing Fleet

From our pick, the most serviceable boat Chater in Cabor is the Solmar VI Sportfishing Fleet. The fleet is the largest and most common charter companies you can find in Cabo San Lucas. This charter company has been in business since 2004 and is one of the most respected charter company in Cabo. You are going to be thoroughly satisfied once you charter their boat as they own a variety of boats that can comfortably cater for all your fishing needs.

The charter company has a 31ft boat named “Solmar VI” which was recently renovated in 2015. This boat is one of the most popular boats from their fleet and has been in the business of sailing the Cabo San Lucas waters for over 10 years. The boat is fitted with 2 fighting chairs, some bait tank and important navigational electronics that will help you get your target fish. There are plenty available seats both on deck and in the cabin. There is also an enclosed restroom for everyone on board. You can also order for additional gears like the snorkelling and they will be provided for you on board upon request. Having been in business for over a decade now, the company Solmar VI Sportfishing has garnered a large base of stable customers who return to enjoy their services year after year.

They have the ability to get you your desired results on water and also have friendly crews that will help you have a good time. This quality helps them maintain a good relationship with their customers and has made the company one of the most sought-after charter fleets in Cabo.