If you are heading down to Baja for a fishing trip, you are no doubt getting prepared and putting together your final plans. If you are a true fisherman you’ll know that it is essential to be prepared at all times, that includes knowing where to go when in need of some new gear. After all, what would your trip be without the latest tackle and bait and trip to your local shop to chat with the experts. Come on board as we take you through two of the best spots that will help you get all you need for your fishing trip in Baja California.

Angler’s Arsenal

This is a great place to buy all that you may need for your excursion. They have friendly staff that are professionally trained to answer all your inquiries. The atmosphere is friendly and easy going with almost everything to cater to what you need. The staff are not known to shun people rather; they are always willing to offer assistance and help with locations and bait. The prices are low when compared with other stores making this the ideal spot. Be sure to stop and say hi to the owner, John, if you have a chance. He is what makes the store as amazing as it is. His knowledge is incomparable and you will feel like a VIP in his care. If you want to stock up on gear and feel comfortable while doing so, and all at a great price, then this is your shop.

Minerva’s Tackle

Another great gear shop for all your fishing needs, and one that stands apart from the rest. You will be mesmerized by the unique customer service offered at this store, you will be met by sincere and helpful people. They are also extremely knowledgeable people who will guide you through the store and find all your fishing gear. Feel free to browse the store, pressure free, take your time and enjoy the process of shopping. They will provide you with large gear options, such as rods, or even just suggestions for tackle and bait. They also have charters that will take you out in the area. If you are unsure of where to go then this is a great idea, they can show you the top spots in the area for getting a large pull. That way you will be more prepared the next time you want to go out on your own. As with many spots in Baja, you can find all of this at a great price!

Of course, many people these days prefer to buy all of their gear online, but doesn’t that just take the joy out of it. With these shops you can get the true experience, talk to the experts, get their opinions, feel out the equipment and see what is truly best for you and your needs. Next time you are in Baja California and on a fishing excursion, be sure to check out one of these spots.