When it comes to fishing, Cabo is one of the best spots in the world. It is almost impossible to talk about fishing without mentioning Cabo. Cabo is a destination known for the best fishing around the whole world. Towards the end of the year,around October to December is the best time to go on a fishing trip in Cabo and this is because of the cool weather and the temperature which is very conducive for big fishes. Of all the times to fish, the month of October is the best month, this is also because it brings most of the important fishing tournaments with it. While fishing in Cabo, it is very important to take note of the following factors:

  • The weather: Cabo has great all year round weather. There is no time that is not very suitable for fishing in Cabo and it is due to the fact that the fishing season in Cabo is improved because of Tue amount of rainfall.
  • Types of fishing: In Cabo, there are different types of fishing, to sport fishing to deep fishing, etc.
  • The entertainment: Cabo also offers lots of entertainment apart fishing. In Cabo, you will experience scenic hikes, nightlife, great beaches, etc.

Now that we have the knowledge of what fishing entails in Cabo, let’s proceed to know the types of fishes to catch.

Stripped Marlin

There is no other place that the strip marlin fish can be found in abundant other than in Cabo. The stripped Marlin fish is a super charged fish that has a weight ranging of 50 to 300 pounds. A fisherman that is lucky enough to catch this fish is considered as one that have achieved a great victory in his/her fishing career.

Sierra Spanish Mackerel

These are fishes of high value in Cabo. It is also known as Pacific sierra in some areas and could be caught in broad daylight. The fishes makes their presence known through splashes surface of the sea. The main ingredient of Ceviche and sport fish experience is the Sierra Spanish Mackerel.

Dorado Fishing

These are fishes with high fightings and colours. They jump exclusively when they are caught by hook. Talk of the taste of this fish, it is so delicious and yummy. In Cabo, there are plenty of these fishes. They are fast growing fishes with a very short lifespan. The maximum weight these fishes can have is about 90ibs and they have an estimated life length of 5-6years. They have flesh that look like that of Sardines. They are soft, oily and with a very slender body that enables them swim faster.

Yellowfin Tuna

These are fishes with yellow sides, silver belly and dark metallic blue backs. They are fishes that have the shape of a torpedo. One unique quality of the fish is that they can live up to 6-7years and can be found in almost all parts of the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian oceans. They are stronger than all fishes in the whole world and this is one of the reasons many travellers comes to Cabo to witness the big fish tournaments.