Cabo San Lucas is known as one of the most beautiful summer destinations in the world. The ocean breeze and warm weather make this place perfect for a relaxed vacation. The landscape is purely amazing and there are many resorts and hotels suitable for every taste and budget. But besides the classic water activities there are many other possibilities. One of the most popular activities here is whale watching. There are many places from which you can admire these amazing creatures. We have selected some of the best ways to watch whales in order to make you vacation even better.

The best time to observe these beautiful marine creatures is from December to April when their migration journey takes them to this place. Outside this time frame they are rarely seen and there is a great chance that you will not see them. There are many companies that make special boat trips to take you near the migration areas.

The Whale Watch Cabo is a wonderful company that focuses on the education regarding marine creatures and conservation. They will take you in the ocean with modern boats that assure the perfect conditions. They have hired marine biologists that will explain you the biology and behavior of these complex creatures. They also have an amazing conservation program that aims to protect the whales. The groups taken on the boats are rather small, so you feel more comfortable and relaxed on your trip. They have special microphones attached to the boat. This is a truly unique gadget that helps you listen to the singing whales. During every tour they collect the trash found in the ocean in order to protect all the marine creatures. They have special nets attached to the boat. This also helps to educate tourists about the dangers of the trash in ocean.

If you like unique experiences, you can choose to go whale watching on a pirate ship. This is also fun as a family activity and the small ones will definitely appreciate the unique experience. The boat has very modern facilities and it is the perfect spot for amazing photos.

You can also choose to go snorkeling or diving. There are special companies that help you see the whales from the water. You will have to do a short training before diving and you should take into consideration that this activity is not recommended for persons with cardiac problems. After the training you will be transported together with professional divers near the places where the whales are found. While diving you will enter another world. You will definitely be pleased with the view because you will see a multitude of other fish and plants. You can also admire the sharks found in this area.

If you want a more luxurious trip, you can choose to go on a full day cruise that ends with a romantic dinner on the boat. This activity is perfect for couples and it will prove to be a unique and different experience.