Fishing is an enjoyable sport, and while it may look easy any expert will tell you that it is. a tiring sport. One that will leave you worn out and most likely hungry. Looking for the best spot to stop for food after fishing in Cabo San Lucas? Check out our list of top restaurants where you should go for a good time after spending the day in the sea.

Edith’s Restaurant

The owner of this restaurant is Edith Jimenez who is originally from Guerrero. You will get a blend of Baja and Guerreran dishes together with a good amount of local seafood as fresh as ever. This spot is located not too far from Medano Beach and, for more than two years, has been a lovely place for customers to dine. The Mexican ambiance of this restaurant is one of the many reasons people are attracted to it. The wine cellar is fully air-conditioned and adds to the curiosity of those who visit the restaurant. Some of the favorite foods offered are Coqueta salad, garlic shrimp, mesquite grill and the `Wally Special’ grilled lobster. Other offers you can get are stuffed poblano pepper, chicken enchilada, and the Pancho Villa with a grilled chicken breast

Don Sanchez

Don Sanchez offers the contemporary Baja fusion at his Chef and Restaurateur Tadd Chapman’s and has some of the freshest menus of both local and seasonal ingredients. Most of the foods at this dining spot are from his local farm, Sanchez Organico. The beef sold here are grass and grain fed, and they are seasoned with natural sea salt found around Guerrero Negro.

The wine offered here is reputed as the best in the entire Los Cabo, with a sommelier to guide you on how to pair many wine options, or you can purchase wines from the sales outlet. Each month, a wine event and live entertainment are organized, and this attracts very many people. The court is spacious and holds a dance floor. The old upstairs is called Retro and, currently, has a sports bar with gourmet burgers offered at this spot.


This spot was opened in 1994 and has been a favorite local restaurant. Its owners, Chefs Angel Carbajal and Masayuki Niikura, started the creative blend of cuisines of Japanese origin and those of traditional Mexico ingredients. Most local restaurants in the area now offer this kind of combination. However, Nick-San is the pioneer and has retained its name as the best in the area. You can check out the restaurant’s delicacies such as tempura oysters, bluefin tuna sashimi, curry yaki, and beef filet serranito. If you are a lover of lobster, you may choose from an array of dishes including clear lobster rolls, fried lobster curry, lobster angel sautéed in mustard sauce, and lobster sambal marinated in saki. Other menus you can get are soy sauce and ginger and garlic covered in sweet and sour chili sauce.